Special Event Services

Short Style + Wash


Mid - Long Blow Out


Short Style + Wash + Iron


Mid-Long Blow Out + Iron


Event Style Short 


Event Style Mid to Long


Big Day Style Preview 


Big Day Style 


Big Day Make Up


Pricing Based on Stylist Level

We love to make the 'Big Day' personalized for each and every human

who is part of your special day. 

Whatever the theme or vision we will work with you and your humans to help make your event a success. We welcome family, photographers, videographers, anyone you would like with you on your day. 

We require a practice session or a sit-down consultation within two months of your event. Some looks may require multiple practice sessions.  

We encourage pictures, drawings and any ideas you may have to get the best finished look on your special day.   

Please arrive with clean, dry hair prior to service. Blow dry prior to service will be an extra charge. If receiving makeup - arrive with a clean, moisturized face. 

Additional questions -

please call the salon at 608-467-8007

or email Ari at unionhairparlor@gmail.com