COVID-19 Update

Updated - October 7th, 2020

Dear Union Humans,

Hello and welcome. Union Hair Parlor is dedicated to providing quality services while also maintaining the highest levels of safety and sanitation. Since it is on each of us, including businesses, to keep our communities safe and healthy, we take many actions throughout each day to reduce the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing masks, washing and sanitizing our hands before, during and after services, frequently disinfecting each stylist station, as well as touch points and common areas.


Additionally, we have redesigned our salon to maximize social distancing during your visit and adhere to Dane County guidelines that allow us to operate at 25% capacity.

When entering Union, you will be directed to our welcome station. We will take your temperature,  ask that you sanitize your hands & have masks available - if needed.  Our scheduling system is being utilized to track visits, should contact tracing be needed. 

Research shows that people are resilient and with care and support, we will get through this strange time together - one hair cut at a time.

What you need to know about your Appointment

Arrive on time

  • Please wait in your vehicle or in front of the salon (weather permitting) until your appointment time. 

  • Please do not bring additional people with you.  Children, dogs, friends may not wait inside the salon.

Stay home if sick

  • If you are not feeling well, have a cough, or live with someone who is sick or quarantined, please reschedule your appointment to help reduce the spread of illness. 

  • There will not be cancellation fees if you need to cancel due to illness

Wear a mask

  • Face coverings are required to be worn for the duration of your appointment. 

  • Around the ear style is best. We will have masks available if needed

  • We will wear masks and other PPE to keep you safe.

Upon Arrival

  • We have hand sanitizer available as you enter the salon and throughout the shop.

  • Your temperature will be taken.

  • Please wash hands or sanitize if you touch your mask or face. 

Personal Belongings

  • Please limit the items that you bring into the salon. We ask you leave extra bags or coats in your car or at home.

  • Any personal items; keys, glasses, wallet, purse, are to be placed on the station you are seated at and not on the floor. 

Social distancing

  • There are no waiting room chairs at this time.

  • When inside the salon please maintain 6 ft from other guests and stylists other than the one you are scheduled with.

  • Floor markings are present to promote social distancing at our Front Desk

Gift Certificates

Some have asked how best to support Union and other small businesses...

We feel the best way to do this is to purchase gift certificates (below), purchase products (email us), and reschedule with us when the time comes. And lastly, the greatest form of support you can give is to refer your friends and family. 

Other ways to show and share support would be to write a review about us, recommend us to friends, follow like and share on social... don't forget to use #unionhairparlor #workhardbenice

We love you, we miss you and wish you all the best health