Meet Our Team



Owner -

Master Stylist/Curl Expert/Master Colorist

Daisy's love of hair goes far beyond the chair. As the founder of Union, she believes in the power of human connection and how our little hair shop can help foster that belief.  Daisy is continuously learning about hair and beauty but also team building, personal growth, leadership and mentoring.
She loves all hair types, specializes in Curly Hair and Color and working with the LGBTQ+ community & anyone searching to discover their true self.

"There is more to a  salon than the Business of Beauty, there is also the Beauty of Business. We at  Union believe that our work and the connections we make go far beyond beauty."  -D. L. Quintal


Guest Services Lead


Ari is the original Guest Services Specialist at Union.  At the Front Desk, Ari manages all the things and keeps us running as smoothly as possible.  


However, many of you know this lovely lady as "Miss Ari".

A life long dancer, Ari is also a Dance and Zumba instructor, and the La Follette  H.S. Dance Team Coach.

For Special Event or Wedding Services, please reach out via email:


Attn: Ari 



Master Stylist/Color & Balayage Specialist

Jessica loves getting to know her guests and to deliver the look that is meant to be. She will make you feel welcome and will instantly diffuse any nervousness in finding that new stylist. 


Jessica loves all forms of cutting and color with a strong passion for short hair cutting and  edgy styles as well as balayage and funky colors. Jessica is joining Daisy as a Union Stylist Mentor, allowing her to grow our team and share her craft while having an extra set of very willing hands.


Guest Services


Ellie always wanted to work at Union, so when she turned 16, we made that happen. 


She has a natural love for all things makeup and hair!! Ellie will greet you with a smile and a laugh and make you feel very welcome at Union Hair Parlor


Guest Services


Lili joins our front desk team to help with your salon scheduling needs. 

She hails from Madison and is currently studying at UW - Madison.

She is excited to be part of our salon family. 

Her easy spirit and organizational skills make her a great fit at Union Hair Parlor.



Master Stylist/Colorist/Barber

Aislinn joined the Union team with  over 10 years of salon experience. She is very well rounded, fades and barber cuts - she slays them, but she's a huge fan of all color especially balayage and funky colors. She's has a peaceful disposition and will make you feel right at home. When she's not behind her own chair, she's always helping out her co-stylists as an awesome team player.



Advanced Stylist/Colorist   

Nail & Lash Technician

Welcome Back!! 

Camille's hair journey has brought her back to Union, Hooray! 

She has returned and is excited to see you again or welcome you for the first time. 

Hair, Nails, Lashes, Waxing... All services that Camille loves and excels at. She can't wait to try the trendy new shag or mullet, take your locks to new heights with adventurous color or enjoy some pampering with nail and lash services.  

When Camille is not rocking it behind the chair she can be found getting her hands dirty doing pottery. Keep a look out at Union, we will be featuring some of her works soon. 



Advanced Stylist/Blonde Specialist

Bridal Specialist

Denise joins Union after first starting out in Chicago and then working in Indiana. In 2020 she decided to call Madison home, lucky us. 

She comes to us as a well rounded professional but admits that her favorite things include Wedding hair & make-up, all things long hair and Blonde; including but not limited to balayage & highlighting. Denise is also certified in Extensions. 

When not killing it behind the chair, Denise enjoys circus arts, fire arts and camping with her children. 

Her team dynamic, dedication and work ethic are always on display at Union. 



Associate Stylist/

Curl Officianado


Vals landed at Union in 2019 from the awesome Madison College - Cosmetology.

She enjoys all things hair; creating and learning. From barbering to a full on color change, Vals is up for anything. She also loves waxing and manicuring.

Her light and friendly demeanor will welcome you right in.  

Vals habla Espanol.



Associate Stylist/ Creative Colorist

We welcome Alli and all her many talents. She graduated in the fall of 2019 and joined Union just before the Covid shut down. That didn't slow her down, Alli quickly become very well rounded at Union. You may see her taking guests, slaying it at our front desk, working on mannequins with Jessica or assisting Daisy.. 

Alli is keen on short hair cutting and coloring in all ways possible. She is also a master with a makeup brush and is part of our Special Event's Style team.