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Salon Services - Call 608-467-8007 

Gender Affirming Haircuts


We believe that hair is hair... We are all just humans and all humans are welcome here!  Our pricing is not based on gender. We price our services solely on the length and time it takes to deliver your personalized service.

New Client/Big Change - New to us or have a big change? We want to ensure the proper time to talk, deliver and style your new look   $35 - $73

 *For haircut only. Color services need a consultation first

Long Cuts - Shoulder length or longer   $35-$73

Mid Cut - Jaw bone to resting on shoulder or very thick short hair   $31-$66

Short Cuts - Above the jawline, pixies, detailed clipper work or thick barber cuts   $28-$61


Barber Cut - Clipper work, may include scissors   $25-$46 


Zippy - Buzz cut, one-length guard all over   $19-$30 per stylist 


The Clean up - Bangs, line up neckline   $11-$15 


Kiddo Cut - Kid cuts are for ages from 0-10   $23-$30

 *11 and up will be booked based on hair length

Beard Trim - Tame the mane   $13 & Up


Fade - Tight to the scalp, fading in with a short top   $29-$50

We ask that you please call or email if you need to cancel or reschedule.  We require 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Any cancellation less than 24 hours prior to the start time of an appointment or failure to show for an appointment will result in a 50% charge of the booked appointment price. This will be added to your next scheduled appointment.

Thank you for choosing Union Hair Parlor.

Color Services

Color Services

We are so fortunate to work in the greatest industry during a time of amazing creative and personalized color work.
In order to achieve healthy, gorgeous, lasting looks, we recommend booking a 15 minute complimentary consultation ahead of scheduling any new or big-change color appointment; color, highlights, balayage... etc.  This way we can personalize your look and provide an estimate of cost.  Our goal is for each guest to receive a carefully crafted color service

which looks great, fits your budget and respects the health of your hair

Color - All over single color   $65-93+

Highlights (Foiling the hair to isolate certain areas and add dimension from base to ends) -

  • Full Foil (top bottom and in between)   $90-$132+

  • Half Foil (top and middle)   $71-$117+

  • Mini Lights (<10foils)   $46-$60+

Bleach & Tone - Lifting all hair with lightener then manipulating that color with a customized toner. Base prices begin at $105-142+ per stylist. (This service can be time consuming, occasionally needing multiple visits therefore a consultation is recommended.)

Balayage - Hand painted highlights with strategic placement add dimension for a bold or soft look and an easier grow out. This growing trend may cost more initially but requires less frequent touch ups, most likely every 3-8 months based on your personalized design. Base prices are for lightener only to add lightness either through all of the hair or to brighten up around the face. If your finished look requires a root smudge, base color, grey coverage and/or toner the pricing will increase as well as the time needed to complete these services. A 15 min consultation is required for first time or big-change balayage appointments. Please contact Union directly for pricing information or to schedule your consultation.

Trend Color - Trend color, aka, fashion/funky colors range from dip dyed tips of the hair to signature pieces, rainbow, unicorn, waterfall, to fire and beyond. Maybe you want panels of color or for your whole hair to be a kaleidoscope of awesomeness. We have stylists who excel at all of these options and more. We want nothing more than to deliver you the hair of your dreams.

Consultations are required for any new color designs. We want the opportunity to talk with you and share the process, pricing and what it takes to maintain healthy hair not just at the salon but at home too. Many fashion color services require lightening the hair first, then applying direct dyes or toner.


At-home maintenance is key to keeping your color looking fab. Washing less often, using cold water, using sulfate-free products and possibly using a color shampoo all aid in the longevity of your color.

Facial Waxing

Facial Waxing

All of our stylists provide facial waxing - brows, lip & chin.  We use hot wax for sensitive skin to better serve all skin types.

Facial wax 1 - 1 area only    Ranges from $20-25 per stylist

Facial wax 2 - 2 areas waxed    Ranges from $35-39 per stylist

Facial wax 3 - 3 areas waxed    Ranges from $50-58 per stylist

Brow Tinting - Semi permanent coloring of brows    Ranges from $15-22 per stylist

Special Events

Special Event Services

We love to make the 'Big Day' personalized for each and every human who is part of your special day.  Whatever the theme or vision we will work with you and your humans to help make your event a success. We welcome family, photographers, videographers, anyone you would like with you on your day. 


We require a practice session or a sit-down consultation within two months of your event. Some looks may require multiple practice sessions.  


We encourage pictures, drawings and any ideas you may have to get the best finished look on your special day.   

Please arrive with clean, dry hair prior to service. Blow dry prior to service will be an extra charge. If receiving makeup - arrive with a clean, moisturized face. 

Blow-out short    $35-39+ 

Blow-out mid-long    $43-54+ 

Blow-out short + Iron    $42-52+ 

Blow-out mid-long + Iron    $52-62+ 


Event Style Short     $52-82+ 

Event Style Mid to Long    $62-97+ 

Big Day Style Preview     $87-112+ 

Big Day Style     $87-112+ 

Big Day Make Up    $47-62+ 

Pricing Based on Stylist Level - Prices may vary

Call 608-467-8007 to book your appointment.

If you have any questions, please call the salon at 608-467-8007 or email Ari at

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